Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Goals & Strategies

A Better WPL


The Woburn Public Library serves as the hub of community, connecting residents to resources, services and experiences that educate, enrich and entertain.


The Woburn Public Library is recognized as a transformative organization, advancing the needs of the community in the area of literacy, workforce development, civic engagement, and culture.

Goal 1 : New Library

Successfully reopen and celebrate the new Library


  1. Continue with ongoing plans for collections, resources and services to be full operational at the new library on opening day
  2. Plan for an opening day celebration, and vibrant community offerings for the following month


3. Develop a marketing strategy for the opening day celebration and the following year of new services

4. Update and approve any new policies and procedures needed for the new facility

Goal 2 : Your Services & Resources

Develop robust youth services and resources in the new Library


  1. Create meaningful community goals and outcomes for youth services and an annual evaluation process to measure progress
  2. Ensure that strong collections, vibrant spaces, up-to-date technology, and increased services are available for children and teens on opening day


3. Increase dedicated teen and children’s services staff

4. Cultivate additional partnerships with schools, and other children’s and teen service providers, to increase programs, awareness and use of youth resources

Goal 3: Community & Culture

Advance the Library's role as a community and cultural center


  1. Increase the amount and types of adult and multi-generational programming
  2. Promote the Library, and the availability of the new meeting spaces, to community groups, businesses, and cultural organizations


3. Working with partners, foster a welcoming environment for Woburn’s diverse communities, including offering ongoing programming and events

4. Acquire up-to-date equipment and increase technology staffing to make the Library a valuable and well-known digital resource in the community

Goal 4: Library Awareness

Raise awareness and use of the Library and its resources


  1. Create a public relations plan to increase awareness of the array of available resources and services in the new Library
  2. Develop or enhance collaborations with community partners to promote the Library and increase usage


3. Dedicate resources to ongoing marketing and public relations activities


Goal 5: Public/Private Partnership

Ensure the sustainability of the Library through a public/private partnership


  1. Work with City officials to increase the municipal appropriation to minimum state standards
  2. Create an annual citizens-based advocacy program to increase public support for the Library
  3. With the Foundation and Friends, create a development plan to increase annual private support


4. Develop a plan for use of the new space, especially the historic structure, to generate income for the Library

5. Re-examine the role and function of the Library Board, and consider phasing out lifetime appointments

Our Members

 Board of Trustees 2021


Richard J. Mahoney, President of the Board

William Callahan, Trustee

Barbara Pooler, Friends Representative

Meghan Needham, Foundation Representative

Susan Thifault, Woburn High School Teacher

Elaine Dougherty, Site Director for the YMCA International Learning Center

Rebecca Meehan, Assistant Director of Woburn Public Library

Andrea Bunker, Director of Woburn Public Library

In order to receive state aid and grants, the library must have an up-to-date strategic plan on record with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. In 2017, the Board of Trustees, library staff, and community participated in a strategic planning process with Library Strategies, a consulting firm from Minnesota. Below, please find our new three-year plan.

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