First Floor View of Richardson from Addition

Several crews have been onsite working on restoration in the Richardson and completing the roof enclosure and framing in the addition. Consigli has been diligently planning for the roof tie-in that will begin next week. When that occurs, the two buildings will join as one, leaving a portion of the Richardson’s 103 year-old slate roof exposed in the reference reading hall.


It is surreal to walk the levels of the addition and examine the intricate detail of the Richardson’s north side from different vantage points. Patrons will be able to touch the masonry in the reference reading hall and near the main entrances while also being able to appreciate the craftsmanship up close through the glass curtain wall.



Windows at the South Side of the Richardson Gallery

Masonry Cleaning of the Fireplace and Stone Arch

The original windows are being reinstalled after having been restored offsite. The warmth of the deep red frames and the hunter green sashes complements the two-toned masonry and is striking when the sun hits the wavy panes with sparkling clarity. The interior masonry of the fireplace and fireplace nook is also being revived by a thorough cleaning, revealing gradations in color that resemble the exterior masonry’s.





While enclosing the roof has been a priority in the addition, crews have also poured the ground floor concrete deck. The ground floor view of the children’s room shows how expansive and bright the space will be for children of all ages and their families. On the upper floors where the decking was poured earlier, framing of interior spaces has begun, giving shape to the teen room, maker space, and archives. The stairwells between the floors have been firecoated in preparation of the staircases arriving in the next few weeks.

Ground Floor View of the New Children's Room in the Addition

Ground Floor View of the New Children’s Room in the Addition

View of the Staircase Landings at the West Entrance of the Addition

Framing of the Teen Room and Maker Space on the Addition's First Floor

Framing of the Teen Room and Maker Space on the Addition’s First Floor

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