Become a featured artist or collector in the Children’s Room!

To Apply:

Please email Dorrie, the Youth Services Librarian, at [email protected], by with the following information:

  • Artist/collector’s name and age
  • Number of items for the display
  • A description (in the artist/collector’s own words) of what will be displayed, including an explanation of why it is the best possible choice for our first exhibit!
  • A photo of the collection/art (optional)
  • Where you wish to display your art — either the glass case or one of our two 8″x11″ frames

The Fine Print:

  • The glass case is 5 ft long, 10 inches deep, and 1 ft tall. It is across from the Children’s Desk and the collection will be behind glass, but it does not have a lock. The library is not liable for any damage or loss of any part of a collection that is on display in the library.
  • The frames are 8″x11″ and are on the column next to the Children’s Desk. They have a spring-loaded back and can accommodate 3D pieces.
  • We will give priority to artists/collectors who are Woburn residents and aged 12 and under, but all are eligible to apply.