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9/10 @ 9:30

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Ms. Julie is back, and this time she’s coaching kids on how to make friends while crafting some awesome friendship bracelets. In this session kids will learn how to make spiral friendship bracelets, while also learning about fostering healthy friendships. After teaching kids the technique of making friendship bracelets, they will continue creating while talking about the following:

*How do we choose our friends?

*How to be a good friend

*How to problem solve with friends

From the presenter:

In the beginning of this lesson, students will be able to have a birds eye view of my friendship bracelet, so that I can show them exactly how to work with their materials. Then we will interact face-to-face, as we work on our bracelets and talk. I will go back to the birds eye view every once in awhile to show my progress on my bracelet or to help them if they need it.

Ages 7-11.

Attendees will need their own bracelet making supplies.