Wednesday, June 12 | 7 PM

Led by Julie Gershon, a Woburn local and representative from Legal Shield Business Solutions.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world today. Statistics range from 1 in 8 people to 1 victim every second. This informative and educational seminar explains:

What is identity theft?

Who are the Victims?

How does it happen?

How do you get off all of those lists?

What consumer market solutions are available?

What are some signs that you may be a victim?

What can you do if you suspect you are a victim?

What are the financial and emotional effects of this crime?

What steps can you take to help protect yourself?

What habits do you currently have that may increase your risk?

What is happening with Child Identity Theft and what can you do?

Why are Seniors such a good target?

What are You doing on Social Media sites?

Tax related identity theft issues continue to rise – what can you do?

Learn how YOU can help better protect yourself!

(Attendees are entered into a drawing to win a door prize!)