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The Children’s Room is chock full of materials that support of Common Core Standards, projects, classroom sustained silent reading, reading aloud, reading along, and listening.  The Children’s Room staff are able to help locate materials in-house and elsewhere in the Minuteman system. All it takes to get help is a quick  visit, phone call, email, or submission of the relevant forms below.

Teachers who borrow for their classrooms can get teacher cards, even if they are not Woburn residents. Teachers will be able to borrow books for up to 9 weeks, including deposit collections on particular topics that can be kept in the classroom for students to use at school to complete research projects.  The cardholder will receive an email reminder when the materials are due, so that they can be collected and returned.  Although the maximum length of borrowing time will be 9 weeks, books that are returned late will not accrue fines. Teachers will also have access to Woburn-specific electronic resources with their cards.

Sending us a heads-up on an upcoming project allows us to reserve the subject materials (if necessary) for students in a particular class.  We are also able to search topics and help locate materials that may be owned by other libraries. Please feel free to send along the form, or call and ask questions so we can fine-tune the selection process to your specific needs.

Assignment & Project Form

Classroom Deposit Collection Form

If you are planning a unit on a particular topic and would like a selection of library books to keep in your classroom, please complete this form:

  • Add a new row
  • *Please note: books may be borrowed for a total of 9 weeks ; this is the typical 3-week loan period with 2 3-week renewals. If books on this topic are being widely requested by all schools, the deposit collection may not be as large as desired (i.e., holi- day books;, science fair books)

Scheduling a Field Trip to the Library

Please contact the Children’s Room at (781)937-0148, or email Youth Services Librarian Dorrie Karlin at dkarlin@minlib.net at least 2 weeks ahead of your proposed visit.  Our librarians offer guided tours to any local class or school group who wishes to visit the Woburn Public Library. Come see what we have to offer! We can tailor our tours to address specific interests and age ranges, and we’re happy to provide title recommendations as long as you let us know what you’re looking for ahead of time. We also offer help to any local student classes or groups who would like to visit the library and use our resources for special projects or assignments.

Please let us know the date and time you’d like to visit the library. Please be aware we will need *at least 2 weeks notice* to schedule a tour or class visit to ensure we have the best staff available for your visit. We will confirm more specific times when we contact you about your visit.

We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Requesting a visit from library staff

Please contact the Children’s Room at (781)937-0405, or email Youth Services Librarian Dorrie Karlin at dkarlin@minlib.net to read to children, talk about getting library cards, for classroom help using library resources, or other related services. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

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