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Are we too old to use that phrase? Probably.  Anywho, this is a page of awesomeness we own, have found, or have read about on the interwebs.


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Download eBooks and eAudiobooks onto your PC/Mac or wireless device that can also be loaded onto dedicated e-readers or MP3 players.  For a list of devices that are compatible with Overdrive, click here. For questions about Overdrive or digital media, consult the Overdrive Help Page or contact us if we are open.


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Download three (3) free songs a week, and…wait for it… keep them! Yes, we said keep them! We know, we’re a library. We usually don’t let you keep anything of ours. But this is really real! Keep them. We paid for them for you. You’re welcome.


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Pronunciator offers access to over 50 foreign language courses as well as English courses for over 50 nonEnglish languages.  Woburn residents have access to up to 22 months of instruction in a language, with ways to track your progress, interactive music and film, and culture and business notes.


Make almost anything using the tutorials on this site dedicated to DIY! From food to industrial arts to technology, there is an instructable for everyone’s area of interest.


The web’s first music genome project, Pandora radio creates playlists comprised of similar artists or genres. It is a great way to find new music from artists with styles akin to musicians you already know and love.

Ted Talks

Discover ingenious ideas from inspirational thinkers!



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