The library will be closed for the move starting February 9 until March 16, when we reopen for a special Opening Day Celebration from 2 PM-5:30 PM.

Knight Walls and Foxes: The GoT Edition of the Building Project Update

Up close view of the fox carved into the masonry of the Richardson building's North side



The scaffolding erected in the exterior courtyard rises between the Richardson and CBT’s addition, affording those brave enough to climb it an exquisite view of the masonry detail at the roofline and the expanse of land between the library and Rag Rock. In the bottom corner of the slanted roof shown in the picture, the intricate carving of a fox in the lighter sandstone can be seen guarding the Northwest side of the building. The roofers are repairing the slate tiles of the Richardson’s North side, while the crew finishes the installation of the permanent roof on the addition. On the West end of the building, the two roofs are integrated slightly above the roofline of the Richardson, which creates a striking interior view of the carved white sandstone banding and the deep red exterior facade.


Addition's permanent roof connection to the Richardson's roof

Masonry cleaning of the Richardson's Northeast side

On the Northeast side of the Richardson, masonry cleaning continues. In addition to the layers of soot from the train that passed by the building’s East side, this portion has significant amounts of biological matter growing across the sandstone as it sits in shade for the majority of the day. A portion of this stone will be part of the interior wall separating the two buildings at the new entryway.




Flooring infill mock-ups


Inside the Richardson, crews have uncovered the original hardwood floors, again, and have begun creating mock-ups for the small areas requiring infill from former grates or termite damage from long ago. Wood restoration of the shelving and pilasters will begin next week.





View of children's library from the location of its interior entranceView of the 100-seat program room from the location of its entranceMeanwhile, on the addition’s ground floor, various trades are at work installing ductwork, electrical wiring, and piping for plumbing. These views of the Children’s Library and the 100-seat Program Room from their respective entrances show their expansiveness. Directly outside of the Children’s Library, crews are preparing for the installation of the sole elevator, which will service the entire library.



Addition's granite foundation facade in progress
Addition's granite foundation facade completed

On the exterior of the addition, crews have finished laying the granite stone facade of the building’s foundation using mortar. This granite comes from the same quarry in Rhode Island as the granite used on the Richardson’s foundation 139 years ago.





Knight Wall System for addition's facadeKnight Wall System showing front view of sandstone facade

On the West side of the addition, crews have begun to hang the Knight Wall System, which involves metal beams and clips. Insulation is placed against the vapor barrier on the building but behind both the vertical and horizontal metal beams to which the sandstone is clipped. The system allows for the circulation of air and the mitigation of moisture build-up between the building and its facade. Like the granite on the addition’s foundation, this sandstone is from the same quarry in Ohio as the sandstone used on the Richardson building 139 years ago.



The construction completion date continues to be January 16, 2019 in all tracking models. We are hopeful for a late Winter opening in March. If you would like to be part of our Opening Day Committee or volunteer at our Opening Day Celebration, please contact Andrea Bunker at