For Mental Health Awareness Month, the Woburn Library is partnering with Families for Depression Awareness to bring you two valuable programs. We hope you can join us for these free workshops in the library’s Program Room.


Addressing Family Stress & Depression
Tuesday, May 24 @ 7-8pm

Does your family have the tools they need to address life’s stressors? By being knowledgeable about selfcare and mental health, you can help your family get on the path to wellness. This workshop is facilitated by Families for Depression Awareness and delivered by a licensed mental health professional. During the training, participants will learn how to identify symptoms of stress in themselves and family members, manage stress as a family, respond when symptoms become “more than stress,” and get help for themselves or a family member.

This program is intended for an adult audience, e.g., parents, guardians, family members, teachers, youth workers, and other caring adults.



Teen Stress Survival
Wednesday, May 25 @ 7-8pm

Pressures from school, family, friends, work: our teens are surrounded and burdened by stress from all sides. Because untreated stress can lead to mental health conditions like depression, our teens need to develop practical strategies to manage day-to-day stress. During this workshop, a trained facilitator shares their experience of surviving stress and depression throughout their teen and young adult life. Participants will learn the signs of stress and depression, identify strategies to manage day-to-day stress, and begin to create a survival guide of their own!

This workshop is appropriate for teenagers ages 14+