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An index for articles in the Woburn Weekly Budget, published between 1857 and 1863, is now available to be viewed online in a PDF file. This newspaper, originally called the Woburn Budget, was published by H.N. Hastings who was joined by John L. Parker to form Hastings and Parker in 1859. The weekly newspaper had many interesting articles covering the first half of the Civil War period and before. News of and letters from Woburn soldiers on the battlefront were often published along with other news of the day.

With the help of Glennon Archives volunteers we have been working on transcribing the subject index cards for all of Woburn’s historic newspapers. The cards being transcribed are written in cursive, a type of writing familiar to our senior library patrons, which has fallen out of use in modern classrooms. Cursive handwriting cannot be easily scanned and made searchable with current technology, so the cards must be transcribed manually to make the indexes available online. While it is still necessary to come to the Library to view the newspapers on microfilm once an article is located, the online index simplifies one step in the search. We hope to eventually digitize the newspapers and incorporate these indexes into an online search function. Additional indexes will be placed online with other Archives finding aids as they become available.