Temporary hours of operation: Monday - Saturday 9:00AM - 5:30PM, returning to regular hours of operation on Monday, March 8th


Best for kids aged 6 – 10

Designers make their ideas come to life and use problem-solving skills to help others. These classes introduce the ‘Engineering Design Process’ that can be applied to solve any challenge. This is not a “follow the leader step-by-step” type of class. Each student will arrive at their own different solution led by their own interests!

The challenges posed encourage one big exploration of Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) and inspire the international exchange of ideas for the greater good. Subjects are interwoven in these projects; biology and art, music and math, cooking and science.

How do I make a fun game for my friends to play when we are far apart?

What type of house would my help my hamster get more exercise?

If I could invent a robot to help planet earth, what would be its special power?

In these online classes, students will use the ‘Engineering Design Process’ to plan, build, test and repeat in a playful way while developing life skills through contemplation, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. Group building time and testing, and ongoing discussion about what’s working and what’s not working help refine the initial idea. Engineers, Architects and Designers all use this same process.

A list of supplies that kids will need will be communicated via email ahead of each class (things like recycled boxes, string, tape, crayons, etc.).

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