Board of Library Trustees

WPL Trustees

Trustees (L to R): Joanne McNamee, Jim Juliano, Tracy Jolly, Larry Rideout, and Richard Mahoney
Missing: Seth Libert, Emily Lipsett, Meg-Ann Meaney, and Maria Ribeiro

The Woburn Public Library’s Board of Trustees are appointed by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by the City Council. There are nine members on the Woburn Public Library Board of Trustees.

To contact the Board of Trustees directly, please email: [email protected]


Emily Lipsett, President
Joanne McNamee, Vice President
Tracy Jolly, Clerk
Seth Libert, Comptroller
Larry Rideout, Treasurer
Jim Juliano, Trustee
Richard Mahoney, Trustee
Meg-Ann Meaney, Trustee
Maria Ribeiro, Trustee