Conditions regarding obtaining photocopies, digital images, microforms, and prints:

  1. Reproduction of archival materials, which is subject to the condition of the originals and donor or legal restrictions, is carried out at the discretion of the archives staff.
  2. Reproductions are provided for private study and research only.  Permission to publish, further reproduce, distribute, sell or display materials should be requested  by filling out a Permission to Publish form available on the Library website at or in person at the Library Reference desk. Permission of the copyright owner should also be obtained, if not owned by Woburn Public Library.
  3. Due to the age, fragility, unique nature of materials, value of materials, or possible restrictions, photocopying of archival materials is performed by staff members only.  The charge for photocopying is $.25 per 8.5”x11” page.  Larger sized paper prices vary.  The staff reserves the right to limit the quantity of the materials copied.  The charge for making digital images of text materials by staff members is .50 per page.
  4. Photo reproduction may have to be sent out in order to be processed.  This may take from 1-2 weeks before the order is completed.
  5. Reproduction of photographs is available in two formats: 8 x 10” prints or digital images in jpeg format. The cost for either format is $15.00 per image. For mailing, postage costs an additional $2.00 per order. See the Photo Reproduction Charges form for more details.
  6. When citing materials please credit the archives:  Courtesy: Woburn Public Library, Woburn, MA, collection title, photographer’s name if applicable.